¡Welcome to the official Mineblock Server store!


Welcome to the official Mineblock Server store! Mineblock is a English server of a premium nature (soon semi-premium) that has the PvP modality and many more that we will be developing. If you want to help us develop new modalities and maintain our server for a long time, this is your place to make donations (you will get multiple global benefits, throughout the server / modalities)

Thank you all so much for being day after day supporting us. We would be nothing without you.

The prices established in the store are in dollars by default, but you can change them to the currency you prefer. Automatically these will adjust to the selected currency.

The purchases you make on the server will be applied to your account within the next 5 minutes to 24 hours (once the payment has been made), if you have not received anything in the aforementioned time interval, contact us through discord, mail or by telegram. Normal is that you can received your payment in five minutes.

** Anyone who tries to make you believe that you have paid or the minimum attempt at a scam will be permanently sanctioned, both from the store, web and server of discord and minecraft **


Payments can only be made by PayPal (temporarily), later we will add more payment methods.